Full Hair Color

฿800-฿3500 up

it may take more than one salon visit to achieve especially if you want to keep your hair healthy.

Shampoo & Blowdry

฿100 - ฿300

There’s nothing better than the feeling of having someone blow dry and style your hair.

Hair Cut

฿250 - ฿400

We're here to make sure you never get a bad haircut again. From short hairstyles and low-maintenance haircuts to layered haircuts and haircuts for different hair types and textures, consider this your one-stop shop for haircut inspiration.


฿800 - ฿2500

Curls are anything but regular and symmetrical. In fact, the thing that makes curly hair so mesmerizing is that it’s never the same anytime you style it. A perm will give you permanent waves, and because of the irregularity of curls, you may enjoy completely new hairstyles everyday!

Digital Perm

฿2500 up

A digital perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a digital display, hence the name. The process is otherwise similar to that of a traditional perm. The name "digital perm" is copyrighted by a Japanese company, Paimore Co. Hairstylists usually call it a "hot perm."

Keratin Straightening

฿1000 - ฿3500 up

Hair relaxing is a form of permanent chemical straightening. Your hair is held together by two types of chemical bonds: hydrogen bonds and disulphide bonds.

Keratin Treatment

฿1500 - ฿3500 up

A keratin treatment is a chemical process that smooths and shines frizzy hair. Results can last up to six months. There are many different versions of the treatment that go by different names (Brazilian Blowout, Cezanne, Goldwell Kerasilk) and your hairstylist can customize a blend of the formula to suit your needs.


฿500 -฿ 1500

if your hair is in bad shape, its splitting or breaking off at worse or dry and frizzy, what should you be doing? Getting a hair treatment is the answer.

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